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InnotechRV 8 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Additional Sensor/transmitters (pack of 2)


TPMS Warranty*

InnotechRV 8 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Summary

This market leading InnotechRV Wireless TPMS System is designed to continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature, and offer both visual and audible blow-out warnings.

  • For cars, tow vehicles, motor homes, 5th wheels and travel trailers
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Pressure Range 0-232 psi
  • Monitors from 4 to 22 wheels
  • Monitors and transmits even when stopped or parked
  • Accurate to within 2.7%
  • Visual & Audible Pressure loss warnings 
  • Temperature alarm if tire temperature rises above 167f/75c
  • Replacable CR1632 batteries (minimum 1 year life expectancy)
  • Three year warranty (upgradeable to Lifetime Warranty - see options)

    Kit Includes:  
  • TPMS Monitor with mounting cradle
  • 8 screw on pressure/temperature transmitters and batteries
  • 12/24v car charger
  • 8 anti-theft locks with hex wrench
  • Optional Accessories:  additional sensor/transmitters, booster/repeater (for longer vehicles)

Alarm Conditions

  • Base line is set at normal cold tire pressure for each tire individually
  • Low Pressure alarms - 15%, 25% and 50% drop from cold tire pressure
  • High Pressure alarm - 20% above cold tire pressure
  • Fast & Slow Leak alarms - 3psi drop over 2 mins or 10 mins (fast/slow)
  • Temperature - 167f/75c and 185f/85c

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Never leave home without it - Richard Blackburn - 5/11/2017
On my last trip home, I had two tires blow out, one on two separate days. If my monitory system had not warned me, it could have caused major damage to our 5th wheel. This system truly saved our RV, and I'll make sure to "never leave home without it". I'm so impressed with it, I've ordered a second system for my wife's car and trailer.

4 product stars
Installed 12 sensor system.... - Mike - 11/27/2015
So far so good.... I programmed each sensor (all 12) with NO problems. I have noticed that one of the sensors is very sensitive to cooling down (hence pressure lowers) and shows a "leak" when there really isn't one. I can certainly live with that. Price is VERY competitive and the product is easy to install... I don't have any idea why the other two people had such problems. I will recommend this product to all my friends. Mike in Tampa

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