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InnotechRV 10 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Additional Sensor/transmitters (pack of 2)


InnotechRV 10 Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Summary

This market leading InnotechRV Wireless TPMS System is designed to continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature, and offer both visual and audible blow-out warnings.

  • For cars, tow vehicles, motor homes, 5th wheels and travel trailers
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Pressure Range 0-232 psi
  • Monitors from 4 to 22 wheels
  • Monitors and transmits even when stopped or parked
  • Accurate to within 2.7%
  • Visual & Audible Pressure loss warnings 
  • Temperature alarm if tire temperature rises above 167f/75c
  • Replacable CR1632 batteries (minimum 1 year life expectancy)
  • One year warranty

    Kit Includes:  
  • TPMS Monitor with mounting cradle
  • 10 screw on pressure/temperature transmitters and batteries
  • 12/24v car charger
  • 10 anti-theft locks with hex wrench
  • Optional Accessories:  additional sensor/transmitters, booster/repeater (for longer vehicles)

Alarm Conditions

  • Base line is set at normal cold tire pressure for each tire individually
  • Low Pressure alarms - 15%, 25% and 50% drop from cold tire pressure
  • High Pressure alarm - 20% above cold tire pressure
  • Fast & Slow Leak alarms - 3psi drop over 2 mins or 10 mins (fast/slow)
  • Temperature - 167f/75c and 185f/85c

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Thank you - Michelle - 5/12/2015
My husband and I have been full-time RVing for just over a year. We've had a tire blow out and, on a separate occasion, happen to notice a flat. We didn't feel either issue (visual clues only) and decided it was worth it to purchase a TPMS. After much research, I purchased your system, installed it on our RV tires and two of our truck tires. I studied the triggers and icons (it took me a while to figure out that the icons were subtly different!). On our maiden voyage with the system installed, the monitor indicated a leak within few minutes of our trip. My husband wouldn't believe it and kept driving. Once the sensor reported a pressure that was too low to ignore; I forced him to pull over to investigate. When he approached the problem tire, he could hear the air leaking out. He was able to patch it, and we continued on to our destination having avoided a costly and potentially dangerous situation. I wanted to write to say Thank you! One of these days, when the budget allows, we'll buy monitors for our remaining four truck tires. In the meantime, we'll be recommending your system.

5 product stars
Thank you George - James Roger Henley - 12/24/2016
I had a major blowout on my 5th Wheel RV midsummer 2015 it did some major damage to the side of my RV. Immediately after I started searching for a tire pressure monitor system and after reading many reviews and prices I settled on the InnoTeckRV system. I have a GMC 3500HD truck and a 5th wheel with two axles so I needed the one with 10 sensors. I received it in late August 15 and it was so simple to install. I used it on several RV trips and it worked flawlessly. Then in early Nov. 16 I had left my truck unlocked one night and someone stole the monitor, no another thing, just the monitor. Go figure. So the next day I call InnoTech, explained the situation and George said no problem, I will send you another one tomorrow. In two days I had a new monitor. Now friends let me tell you, that is great customer service. Thank you George form the bottom of my heart, and for sure I will tell everyone I know about InnoTechRV, your products and your great Customer service. James Roger Henley

5 product stars
Great TPMS System - Steve Bernard - 7/10/2013
Received and installed 10 sensor system and booster with no problems. It costs much less than the Tire Minder system and is exactly the same unit made in the same factory. I love this unit and would recommend it to you, if you want a TPMS system that gives you all the bells and whistles and works as described. Thanks Craig, for great service and fast delivery. Steve Bernard Rancho Cordova,CA

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